adrienne maree brown

adrienne marie brown is the co-editor to Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements. Besides identifying as an Octavia Butler Scholar, she is also a writer, an organizational healer, a pleasure activist, a facilitator, a life/love/relationship/work coach, a network weaver, a speaker, a singer, and a doula.

From 2006-2010 adrienne was the executive director of The Ruckus Society, and sat on their board until 2012. The Ruckus Society is based in San Francisco and offers a toolbox of experience, training and skills. They have an ambitious commitment to social justice and environmental activism.

She currently works to assist organizations in internal healing and visionary development. Most recently she has worked with Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, Chorus Foundation, Correctional Association of NY, Young Women United, Black Mesa Water Coalition, and many others. adrienne is passionate about learning and developing ways toward action, community strength, movement building and transformation.

For those interested in her work, here are just a few of so many amazing pieces to start off with.

adrienne maree brown Keynote Address: NCMR 2008
By Any Means Necessary
There is No Justice for Aiyana