Alixa Garcia

Alixa Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist. She is a cofounder and artistic director of Climbing PoeTree, an activist, multimedia theater and spoken-word duo. She has facilitated and performed from places spanning from Harvard to New York City Jails. She is currently working to develop multimedia curricula to help learners understand and further analyze the systems of oppression and resistance. She hopes to creates bonds of critical consciousness and imagination necessary for social change.

Beyond multimedia theater and spoken-word, her visual art has been featured on large scale walls in New York, Cuba, and Jamaica. After Hurricane Katrina Alixa, with her partner from Climbing PoeTree, Naima, created the award winning multimedia theater production Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water travelling across the US on a bus converted to run on recycled vegetable oil.

Much of her activism surrounds the idea of healing inner trauma, exposing injustices, creating hope from apathy and facing the issues that plague our communities. She shows particular passion towards environmental social justice.

For those interested in her work, here are just a few of so many amazing pieces to start off with.

CFC Performance – Alixa Garcia of Climbing Poetree @ marioninstitute
Climbing PoeTree – A Tapestry of Spoken-Word Poetry and Movement (Day 2) Bioneers 2013
Voices of Octavia’s Brood: Alixa Garcia