Blogging to Evolve

Approximation of time: However long you please

Location: Anywhere with a computer

Materials needed: Computer

Suggested starting sites that are free: wordpress and blogspot

The blogging trend has taken over our generation, some have become celebrities, infamous or achieved careers from their popularized postings. However the idea of it being public can make it appear like a daunting task, worrying whether or not you should send it to friends, family, or post it on social media. Although blogging gives a great publicity platform connecting you to others, consider blogging for yourself! It can be utilized as an excellent project to motivate deliberate practice and can document your progress as you go. The act of posting something that is potentially public can help to motivate quality work, however knowing that it is only for your story, your journey and yourself as an audience you don’t have to share it, it can simply exist in cyberspace, serving as a document of progress and your own portfolio of personal evolution!


-Pick any theme that you are passionate about and want to improve on or become more involved with, it could be cooking, public speaking, writing, running, knitting, activism, joining an organization… anything!

-Create/focus on projects that you are excited about and consider how you can upload your process onto your blog. That of course can include pictures, writing, videos, songs, links to other sites, etc. Also consider adding an inspiration tab that keeps you searching for inspiration and allows you to reflect.


-When considering what you want to post and work on, remember that this is a place for YOU to grow, not for others to judge your process or critique what you’ve done. Be open to imperfections and post them anyway, write about how you felt posting that piece of work.

-Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be finished, it never has to be perfect, this blog is to let you evolve, so let progress be your goal. Make something, maybe love it, maybe hate it, then move onto the next!

Tags: Self-reflection, Empowerment, Vulnerability/Risk-taking