Bridging the Gap Between Academia and the Public: EduZines

Lacey Peil

Approximation of time: that’s up to your imagination

Location / setting: anywhere you feel inspired

Materials needed: access to relevant articles and books, general art supply to fit your preferences

Procedure: In an effort to bridge the classist gap between academia and the public, we will adapt academic articles and books that would be of interest to the public to comics. An example of this could be breaking down the academic / theory oriented writing in Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, so that it could be more digestible for varying types of education and class levels, empowering more people to receive the message of Freire’s work. This tactic can also be utilized to breakdown the elitism of knowledge created by scholarly journals. The compilation of these adaptations could be organized by themes and made into zines by any group or organization.

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Tags: Radical Education, Accessibility, Visual Communication, Public Action