“Free Little Dreamer Anarchist Library”

Inspired by: Little Free Library and Octavia’s Brood


Based on the popular “Little Free Library”, this anarchist and dreamer version features items specifically catered to help people of all ages and reading or non-reading levels to begin to envision change and fight against oppression. The idea is that these mini-libraries do not require any identification or cards (unlike public libraries) and people are free to take whatever book they want, with an honor code that they should put another book in its place…this way the little library is continually stocked. The problem is that the traditional “Little Free Library” oftentimes can end up being a dumping ground for books that people don’t really want for the precise reason that they aren’t inspiring. Things I have found in the ones in my neighborhood include: Romance novels which are very sexist, diet books, self-improvement books about being “independent” and “not needing a man” or how to get a man, etc. Most problematic is that these free little libraries are great spaces of outreach for people who cannot read, who don’t speak English, who might not want to read even if they can and instead are looking for resources or The “Free Little Dreamer Anarchist Library” is different from others because it will be labeled as such (to help encourage that people put in items designed to inspire revolution) and will have more options like: music in the form of CDs and tapes, pamphlets on community resources and information like from Planned Parenthood, Entre Hermanos, homeless shelters, and other great organizations, Feminist Health books like Our Bodies Ourselves, comic books and graphic novels, independently published books that one wouldn’t be able to find at a normal library, “banned books”, history books about what really happened, poetry and prose from non-hetero normative authors addressing LGBTQI rights, motherhood as activism books, and of course SCIENCE FICTIONS, etc. This “Free Little Dreamer Anarchist Library” will attempt to have more items in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, brail, etc. This will need the skills and creative input from all sorts of different thinkers to be accomplished and would require many days work to complete from finding a place to house the little library, to buying supplies, to building, to installing, to painting, to filling it up with books, to outreach, etc. See the steps below!

  1. Find a person or organization with property where the free little dreamer anarchist library
  1. Find the necessary building materials and tools
  1. Build the little free library according to your own plans, or use the plans below
  1. Decorate the library using whatever medium is most crazy and dreamy and of your wish
  1. Create a facebook page and flyers or other forms of outreach for this new free little

library to bring awareness to how this library is different from other ones and what it is

meant to do: INSPIRE ALL!

  1. Fill the library with the materials-this will be the hardest but most fun part! Some

organizations might even give discount or donate! Amazing musicians can put in their

CDs, people from our class can put in materials they are passionate about, letters can be

put in to our future selves or our neighbors who we don't know but want to inspire, etc.

  1. Keep a stock of some of the important materials so that when people take from the library

but are unable to put something in its place, there will still be items inside (this is

especially applicable as it concerns community resource pamphlets, etc.).

  1. If the library begins to get filled with books and magazines that appear blatantly sexist,

fat phobic, trans phobic, etc, it can be encouraged that these items are checked out and

then amended by anarchist dreamers to reflect the reality of the oppression these items

perpetuate and then put back into the library. This will create a dialogue rather than

censorship of throwing away materials that are oppressive. An example of this is below.

Tags: Public Action, Unlearning, Radical Education