Terry Bisson

Terry Bison is a science fiction writer with a wide variety of life experiences to influence his work. He has lived in Kentucky, Iowa, New York and now Oakland, California, and has been a part of the sojourns hippie communes of the South during the ‘70s. He has worked as an editor magazines and books. and even as a mechanic, aside from being an author. Bisson’s writing works cover a wide variety of subjects, from rewriting historical events to novelizations of films and non-fiction pieces. His most recent novel is titled Any Day Now published in 2012, over the years he has received numerous awards for his writing including a nomination for the British Science Fiction Association award for Dear Abby and the most-reviewed SF novel of 1996 for Pirates of the Universe. He has also been involved politically with parties such as the New Left, May 19th Communist Organization and John Brown Anti-Klan Ctte.

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