The Clarity Box


Approximate Time: 20 minute increments whenever schedule allows until completed

Location: Anywhere you feel relaxed

Materials: Box or Container (Reuse! You do not need to purchase anything for this activity!), art/supplies vary as needed per individual basis.

Background/Activity: The Clarity Box is an idea adapted from counseling I used to go to when learning how to deal with emotions after recovering from addiction. My therapist advised me to keep a box of things that are relaxing to me, and to decorate the box however I envisioned happiness. The Clarity Box is a hopeful practice for activists, and a way to access a healthy mind quick and easily. When thinking of how to compose the Clarity Box, I started thinking about incorporating the ideas of haft-sin, a traditional set-up to usher in the New Year in Persian culture, a time which has always brought happiness to myself and family. The haft-sin table is a reminder of what life holds, represented by items that all start with the letter “S” in farsi – thus the “haft” (translation = 7) and “sin” (the letter “s”). The seven S’s are not restricted to but traditionally: Sabzeh (meaning green, represented by a plant, symbolizes rebirth/new beginning), Samanu (wheat pudding, Persian cooking and creation, how intricate things can sprout from something small), Seeb (apple, health and beauty), Sanjed (dried Lotus fruit, love), Seer (garlic, medicine and healing), Somaq (spice from dried and ground sumaq berries, it is a bright red color representing sunrise and new day – when good conquers evil in the coming of day from night), Serkeh (vinegar, time and patience). These may lay a groundwork for how to compose the clarity box- something symbolic, special, or calming.

Idea for how to construct your personal Clarity Box recipe:

  • Begin with a box, closed or open – decorate however you desire
  • An item that calms you
  • A picture of someone/thing you love
  • An item that represents your dreams
  • An item with a smell that evokes nostalgia
  • There is no limit to the box – whatever fits is perfect! The purpose is just to create an extension of your emotions which you can access in times of need.

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Tags: Healing, Identity