The Line Game

Need: An open space big enough where people can take steps (Hallway or field)

Approximate time: 10-30 Minutes

Goal: The goal of this activity is to visually see the experiences that people have gone through as well as the privileges that participants have

Activity: In this exercise, the participants will be starting out on one side of the open space; it is ideal to have them start out in a line but if the width of the space does not permit, it is ok as long as all participants are close to the starting point.

The facilitator will read off yes/no questions. Participants will step forward every time that the answer is yes to the prompted question. These questions will be based off of privilege, but as a TIP: start off with simple questions to ‘break the ice’.

Some Examples:

1) Step forward if you are in class today

2) Step forward if you have always had food on the table

3) Step forward if you have a car

4) Step forward if you have the choice to choose the way in which you arrive to school

5) Step forward if there’s a bandaid for your tone of color

6) Step forward if sitting down or standing up is not a physical problem to you

7) Step forward if your ethnicity/race is well represented in movies

8) Step forward if your sex is seen as the norm

9) Step forward if your gender is seen as the norm

*As you(facilitator) proceeds, note how disperse the participants have become.

After the activity is over you may ask some of these follow up questions:

  1. How did this experience feel?
  2. Did something strike you as interesting? What?
  3. Did you expect the results that we came up with? Why?
  4. How does race play a role in our results?

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Tags: Societal-Reflection, Identity, Vulnerability/Risk-taking, Radical Education