The Star Gas Star Cycle

Imagined By: Laurie Carlsson
Approximate Time: 45 minutes
Location: Anywhere
Materials: Blank cycle charts

When our galaxy is busy making stars, it goes through something called the star-gas-star cycle. After stars shine for millions to billions of years, they blow up into a bunch of gas particles, hang out in the Milky Way for a little while in this form, and are eventually made into new stars. It looks like this:

What we’re doing as activist dreamers – trying to blow up our current world and remake it into a better one – is just as intense and amazing. So many things in life involve cycles, but in activism we tend to look at progress through a linear lens. We’re either moving toward a more just world or moving away from it. We place ourselves along this line as well. But really, we all go through cycles too, whether or not we decide to admit it. Sometimes we’re filled with immense hope and other times deep despair. We work hard and then find we need to take breaks.


Using the below graphic, create a visual for your own progression through your social justice work. What things cause you to experience a supernova? What processes bring the gas from that explosion back together to form another star? Is that star different from the one that preceded the explosion?


Follow up:

Do your cycles usually happen quickly or slowly?

Have you experienced positive outcomes from very frustrating times when you’ve felt like a supernova?

What are some of the things you do that help you feel your center of gravity?  

Tags: Self-reflection, Undoing Frame of Mind