The United States Political Pipeline

Approximation of time: that’s up to your imagination

Location / setting: anywhere you feel inspired

Materials needed: art supplies to fit your preferences

Procedure: A grand art project that visualizes the progression from the ideal of democracy to the real of a republic / corporatocracy within the United States, wherein the voices of the people are lost over the course of the pipeline and overtaken by politicians and the top 1% with vested interests. This is an adaptation of the often-used “education” pipeline, which usually represents the exit of women and people of color from the education system as the level of education gets higher. The pipeline will start with the voices of all US citizens, but the order in which the voices are visualized as lost or overpowered leaves room for variance, as well as the choices for visual communication of this loss. The process should begin with research and progress with the democratic inclusion of as much diversity of experiences and thought as possible.

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Tags: Visual Communication, Societal Reflection, Public Action, Radical Education