“The UNLEARNING Learning Guide”

Idea inspired by: Octavia’s Brood Story, Little Brown Mouse

“We’re preparing, learning, unlearning”

The “UNLEARNING Learning Guide” is a booklet used to point out and explore the structures, theories, practices, opinions, and hierarchies that many of us have learned to be unobjectiontionably true…but in fact, are not. So often humans operating in a society are indoctrinated in ways that are so subtle and insidious it is difficult to see that our perceptions of reality and of what is possible are socially constructed, and not framed in reality at all. Using the stories from Octavias Brood (or other inspiring works that explore oppression and science fiction), moments of characters’ “unlearning” will be used as strategies to respond to current issues and modes of thinking that must be unlearned today. This booklet would likely be based on false statements (please look into what false statements are to have a better idea). This book would require a couple days to create. Time would be needed to read the book, identify issues that need to be explored, and then the stories that show unlearning, and of course the typing up and printing of the book. Ideally the book would have strategies for unlearning and the strategies compiled would come from various people from different walks of life and this would take the most time to compile.

Current Indoctrinated pervasive idea in our society: “Wasting time is bad and you are lazy and not a productive member of society if you are not working towards or on something” Octavia’s Brood Story that Unlearns this concept: The Story “Evidence” talks about “growing time” which includes “day dreams, deep breaths, and quiet walks…” This is the time the many in our society would consider to be wasted, however in “Evidence” this is the time that a human being needs to grow into their own unique person with confidence, independence, and sense of self. This story helps to highlight how capitalism has really turned the concept of time into finite resource that oppresses people into being workers.

Strategies for Unlearning: What are suggestions and strategies to stop the proliferation of the idea of “wasting time.” What are things we can say to assert to others that our time of quiet self-reflection and of self-care is not wasted? What is in our own metaphorical tool box that helps us not be burdened by our society’s concept of time?

Indoctrinated Ideas that could be explored with correlating stories that help us UNLEARN:

Gentrification is progress – The River

Being still is wasting time – Evidence

Forget and move on – The Long Memory

Fear of the unknown is normal – Lalibela

Disabled people just weren’t meant to contribute – Hollow

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