The Value of Mistakes

Reimagined By: Lauren Tam

Approximate Time: 40 minutes

Location: Anywhere that has surface area to build/create


  • Anything that can help create something
    • This can really be anything. Some examples are:
      • Paper
      • Writing Utensils
      • Knick-knacks


  1. Put all the materials out so that participants can create something.
  2. The only instructions to the group is “make a mistake.” There are no further instructions.
    1. If participants ask questions, don’t clarify the prompt.
  3. Observe what and how participants are doing.
  4. After about 10 minutes (the amount of time given is dependent on the group) start a discussion. Questions to consider:
    1. What is a “mistake”?
    2. How did you feel trying to make a mistake?
      1. Did you feel uncomfortable? If so, why?
      2. What does this say about society?
    3. Why are mistakes valuable?
  5. Have participants start creating after the discussion and observe and see what they come up with this time.
  6. Discussion:
    1. How did it feel this time around making a “mistake”?
    2. How was it different?
    3. How did your perception of mistakes change?
    4. What does this say about society currently?
    5. How are mistakes valuable to activism?

Purpose: To show the value of making mistakes and that not everything needs to be perfect all the time. To explore creativity. To explore the idea of a mistake and what it means to make a mistake in a world so quick to shape people into those that only value success.