Unlearning Silence


Approximate Time: 5-20 minutes

Materials (optional): Voice recording app or device

Location: Anywhere

Background: One of the topics discussed during our course, Activist Imagination and the Politics of Hope, was unlearning habits that stem from the backlash of systems of abuse. One idea that was brought up in discussion was the idea of “unlearning silence” which I believe is a much needed practice in minoritized circles. I wanted to explore how this unlearning would look like in practice.


  • Individual – Practice with recording voice reading favorite poem, story, or anything out loud and play it back. Sometimes the fear of one’s own voice adds layers to not wanting to talk out loud. If this feels like too big of a step, practice the same technique of reading out loud but in an empty room, or while on a walk.
  • Group Setting – have each member explain something they are especially passionate about or really enjoy doing (ex- cooking, explain a recipe for a dish that enjoy making.)

Reflect: How does it feel to hear your voice? Was this helpful, or a practice that in time may serve to heal?

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Tags: Healing, Empowerment, Vulnerability/Risk-taking