Walidah Imarisha

Walidah Imarisha is the co-editor to Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements and editor of Another World is Possible. She is also a historian, writer, reporter, organizer, educator, public scholar, and spoken word artist. She has published a nonfiction book on criminal justice issues called Angels with Dirty Faces: Three Stories of Crime, Prison, and Redemption and a poetry collection titled Scars/Stars. She is also one part of the performance/poetry duo Good Sista Bad Sista with Turiya Autry.

Walidah has taught in Portland State University’s Black Studies Department, Oregon State University’s Women Gender Sexuality Studies Department, and Southern New Hampshire University’s English Department. She has presented extensively as a public scholar on topics ranging from Oregon Black history, alternatives to incarceration, and history of hip hop.

She has also co-directed a documentary film about hurricane Katrina looking closely at social injustices that took place during and after the tragedy. The short documentary is called Finding Common Ground in New Orleans.

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