Who Am I?

Activity by Fredrik Mansfield

Need: Group of three or more individuals, preferably small enough to be a safe, intimate space

Approximate time: 20+ minutes (less is doable, but not will not allow you to go as deep)

Goal: The goal of this activity is to create a safe and comfortable space for people to externally process how they understand their own identity and how they wish to be understood by others; this activity is also designed to encourage vulnerability safely

Activity: In a group of three or more, go in a circle and for only one minute describe yourself using the guiding prompt, “If you knew me, you would know…” After one minute, the following person shares, and this continues until the group desires to be done with the exercise. The goal is to complete at least five rounds of sharing, preferably more. The more times each person has to share, the more opportunity they have to reflect on their story, get deeper, and process/share the meaningful and often challenging aspects of their lives. In sharing for only one minute per round, the stakes are lower to share all of yourself immediately. As the rounds continue and each individual shares again and again, the sharing will likely grow in intimate connection and vulnerability.

Tags: Vulnerability/Risk-taking, Identity, Self-reflection