Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs identifies herself in many ways. A queer black troublemaker, a black feminist love evangelist, a prayer-poet priestess, an Afro-Caribbean grandchild, a scholar, an educator, and an author just to name a few. She studied and got her PhD from Duke University in English, African-American Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. She was the first to research papers of Audre Lorde, June Jordan and Lucille Clifton.

Alexis is the founder for Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind, an educational project spreading the idea that black feminism is alive. They offer videos, podcasts, and in-person educational sessions. Also, she has been active on an interactive oracle project called “The Lorde Concordance” which mobilizes Audre Lorde’s work as dynamic text. Brilliance Remastered is yet another service Alexis has founded which aims to help underrepresented graduate students stay connected to their purpose, passion, and community.

She has also published extensively on Caribbean Women’s Literature, particularly looking at Dionne Brand. She also authored a collection of poems, 101 Things That Are Not True About the Most Famous Black Women Alive. She currently has several books in progress and was also the co-editor of This Bridge Called My Baby which is a collection of legacies on revolutionary mothering.

Eternal Summer of the Feminist Mind
Black Issues Forum: Empowering Force of Feminist Teaching